Sunday, March 30, 2014

ola from Rio de Janeiro!

Well, it's been a bit over a week now, and I have been settling into life in Rio de Janeiro quite well. Admittedly, the weather has been a bit of a change -- in a more positive and happier direction, for me! I would much rather be warm than cold! 

Somehow I don't think that will be a problem.
I was supposed to leave on a Tuesday and arrive on a Wednesday, but my flights got moved around, and I left and arrived a day later than intended. After a couple days to re-acclimatize to the heat, we got right to work with the exciting event "Vamos pichar o machismo!" with Church of the Holy Trinity's human rights ministry, Episcopaz. You can click here and find out how it went!

Call 180! Domestic violence, never! (180 is the crisis number to call for domestic violence)
I did the dove! :)
With Sunday's panelists/some of the amazing team that made the event possible! Myself, Rev. Lilian Lira (Episcopal Anglican Church of Brazil), Fabiana Karine (LGBTT activist), Ricardo Pinheiro (Holy Trinity/Episcopaz), & Pamela Castro, president of Rede Nami.
That same Sunday I was also introduced to everyone, and I can tell you that I am very happy to be here with these amazing people! 

Rev. Eduardo Costa introducing me at Church of the Most Holy Trinity.
Since then I've been blessed with the opportunity to have some time to relax and get to know the city more, and do some work remotely from home a bit - some translations and editing and the like. Holy Week and thereafter is when it'll really start to get busy! 

Also, part of my work here in the Diocese of Rio de Janeiro will be supporting the work of Diocesan Bishop Filadelfo Oliveira, who quite recently had heart surgery. The great news is that not only is he out of intensive care after his operation, but he is also out of the hospital! He is recuperating with family in his hometown of the northeastern city of Recife, but hopefully will be back in Rio de Janeiro soon enough, as clergy and lay alike miss him and wish him all the best!

And last but not least, myself and other fellow Young Adult Service Corps members are keeping up a blog of Lenten meditations, and my first post is available at the following link: 

Meditation from Millennial Missionaries: To Be Of Service.

That's all for now -- I just wanted to update everyone with a glimpse into what the last nearly two weeks have looked like! Greetings and hugs to all in Seattle and beyond, and much love from Brazil!

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