Wednesday, February 20, 2013

home again, home again

[I would like to thank Kathy Rood, Patricia Taylor, and Jennifer Daugherty, whose generosity & donations support me this week in Brazil]

Olá from São Paulo! 

My trip to Recife was amazing -- amazing weather (albeit a bit hot for me), and it was great to see the ocean again, as well as meet so many incredible people -- but I am starting to feel at home in São Paulo, so it was nice to come back. In true fashion for a Seattle-ite, the morning of my departure from Recife, it rained. Then the last two days I've been back in São Paulo, it's rained later in the day. Despite the torrential downpour the first time [actually caused some urban flooding in other parts of the city], I feel at home.

And no wonder -- Saturday marks my one month mark here in Brazil! Yet, I can't help but to be amused - I'm feeling at home enough that it almost feels like more time has passed. Then my language skills remind me that I'm still in my fledgling stages here -- my Portuguese continues to improve, but sometimes I can't help but feel very confused in other languages, even English!

For now, there's much work to be done, so this blog post will remain brief, but more later -- I'll try and snag some more pictures of the city to share, and work on uploading a variety to Picasa so I can share the link here and those who are not friends with me on Facebook can view them more easily.

Até mais! Until more!

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